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>I would like to personally suggest a couple of books for your reading enjoyment…

The first would be Generation Debt, by Anya Kamenetz
This book discusses a series of issues that have hampered today’s young adults, and suggests how young adults can speak up, speak out, and take action to better their situation.

Another book I’d like to recommend is Strapped: Why America’s 20- and 30- Somethings Can’t Get Ahead by Tamara Draut. Strapped also discusses the situation facing young adults today, and offers a slightly different view on the matter.

Both are rife with statistics and research providing an excellent resource for helping folks better understand the economic pressures young adults face. Take a gander, and let us know your thoughts! Do you agree with their assertions? Is the deck truly stacked against 18-to-30s?

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  1. Christopher Morris

    >I’d like to add an addendum to your list Josh, with a few articles I have found recently.

    Students suffocate under
    tens of thousands in loans
    – A USA Today article that discusses the rising cost of higher education for the Gen Y set with tips on what students can do.

    Generation Y gets involved – Another USA Today article (can you tell I’ve been traveling alot lately?) which talks about how civic-minded and socially conscious this age group is. It made me think then – if they understood the differences between credit unions and banks, which do you think they’d lean toward for financial services? A great opportunity for credit unions in my opinion.

    Generation Y: They’ve arrived at work with a new attitude – I did a search at USA Today out of curiousity, and lo and behold, this article popped up. An interesting article if you have Generation Y employees or are looking to hire them soon. A tidbit: The survey found more than 70% of older employees are dismissive of younger workers’ abilities. And nearly half of employers say that younger employees are dismissive of the abilities of their older co-workers.

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