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What a great way to start the conversation about credit unions and the 18-to-30 demographic before the YES Summit begins!

ABC News recently aired three reports just in time to kick-off this year’s YES Summit. These videos discuss the financial situation of the 18-to-30 demographic, and offer a glimpse into the lives of two young adults symbolic of an age group increasingly known as Generation Debt. The individuals interviewed offer different viewpoints on their situation. These different situations demonstrate the varying attitudes among young adults toward financial matters and the debt they incur.

The video clips are a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the situation facing young adults today. They are especially important for those of you about to attend the YES Summit.

So, grab some popcorn, click on the links below (which will point your browser to the videos courtesy of ABC News), and enjoy… after a 15 second commercial the report will begin.

After you watch the videos, let everyone know what you think by clicking on the comment link below! Do credit unions have a role in helping this generation? How can credit unions benefit from developing solutions for 18-to-30s with these problems?

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  1. Anonymous

    >These kids need to learn about debt termination. Through this process, Federal Debt Relief System was able to eliminate my debt in only 18 months. These kids need to learn and understand how their debt is created. They need to learn the truth behind their credit cards, etc.

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