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>There was another interesting and relevant piece in CUNA News Now today:

Colorado State ECU helps young adult out of a jam

DENVER (2/6/07)–A credit union in Colorado is getting praise for responding to a man’s appeal on a blog for help in dealing with his problems at a car dealership.

Melissa Sexe of Colorado State Employees CU, based in Denver, will be featured on a future blog at www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com, a personal finance blog for young adults, for volunteering to contact the man about his options.

The site is hosted by Ramit Sethi, a speaker from the Credit Union National Association’s (CUNA’s) recent YES Summit on marketing to young adults.

A blogger, “John,” wrote that he decided he couldn’t afford a car he had just bought. He wanted to return it to the dealer because of a high annual percentage rate but ran into opposition from the dealer and some stonewalling while the dealer steered him to equally expensive options.

CUNA’s director of young adult services, Josh Jones, put out the word for help. As a result, Sexe sent Sethi an e-mail volunteering to chat with the blogger to go over his options.

“Can you imagine Wells Fargo taking note of this and volunteering to help?” wrote Sethi. “This is one of the reasons I love credit unions.”

More information can be found at Sethi’s blog posts about the story here.

2 Responses to “>Innovation by CU Serving Gen Y”

  1. Anonymous

    >This generated a HUGE response on the blog — including an awesome plug for credit unions.

    Kudos to Josh and Melissa for their excellent service!

    Check out today’s (Feb 8) blog entry on bank fees – it is a must-read!

  2. Trey Reeme

    >Definitely good to see this crossing over into the industry pubs! I’ve enjoyed watching it on Ramit’s blog, and it’s been great publicity for CUs.

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