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>So you’ve got a blog…now what? You have to pimp it out a little with some widgets*. The following is a little bling for your blog:

First, you need RSS. “Really Simple Syndication.” Remember how you used to actually go out and look for your favorite updated content on the web? Well that was fine to do, like, a couple years ago. Now your content looks for you!

Probably my favorite breakdown of what RSS is:

We have our feed @ FeedBurner. Provided you are using the more popular blog platforms, you can start FeedBurning now too right here. Type in your blog address and a user/pass and voila! It will give you a hyperlink for your feed to link to in your blog.

To get practice, sign up for your own RSS reader @ Google Reader or NewsGator (integrates with Outlook). More readers are here. If you don’t want to use FeedBurner, most of these also give you the option to sign up to feed your blog as well.

More info on RSS:
whatisrss.com – RSS explained
Wikipedia Entry – More than you ever wanted to know about RSS

Next, you will want to submit your blog to Technorati, the internet authority on the blogosphere – basically the leading blog search engine. It will tell you how many people link to you and allow more people to find out about your cool blog. And don’t forget to Ping (don’t worry, Technorati will show you how).

Oh, and you will have to get used to using tags. Tags are just a fancy word for keywords. Technorati says, “Think of a tag as a category name. People can categorize their posts, blog, photos, videos, or music with any tag that makes sense to describe it.” The better and more accurate tags you use, the easier it will be for people to find your content. Here is more info on tags from the always reliable Wikipedia.

To satisfy all the other social bookmarking users out there (Digg, Del.icio.us, etc), I’d recommend the AddThis! Widget. It’s a one-stop shop button that allows your visitors to add you to their favorites on the most popular sites out there – ours is the “Bookmark” button in the right margin. It’s a snap to install and free.

Again, remember that just because you have a pretty, shiny blog doesn’t mean it will be popular. It’s all about the content. All of these tools are great, but worthless if you are not engaging your audience. Remember, they have 89,499,499 other blogs to read!

Credit unions are unique – tell your story and let the conversation begin.

*Widgets are a little piece of content or a tool provided by a third party that you can place in the siderail of your blog.
More information here.

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  1. Brandon Watts

    >Those are some great suggestions!

    Your readers may also be interested in installing our AutoRoll widget on their blogs because it uses the Criteo recommendation engine to link to similar blogs from within the AutoRoll network.

    This represents a great way to connect bloggers with one another.

    Brandon Watts
    Criteo Evangelist

  2. Christopher Morris

    >An addendum – I just came across this great post on “Calculating ROI on Blogging” at the Buzz Marketing for Technology blog:


  3. Christopher Morris

    >Another addendum:

    Did you know that there are 25 styles of blog posts? Either did I –

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