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>Well folks, it seems as though the reference to Illinois State University Credit Union’s blog from the 07/23 post YES Summit Attendees Speak Out – pt.2 created quite a stir over on Open Source CU.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the discussion, take some time to read through the comments. In my humble opinion, this is EXACTLY the kind of conversation credit unions need to be having.

I think it’s awesome that Open Source CU posted on the topic, that so many opinions and ideas were shared in just a few days, and a pat on the back to Paul Gaumer and the folks at ISU CU for initially taking the plunge and handling the recent discussion so well.

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  1. Jeffry Pilcher

    >Absolutely. The comments and dialogue in response to the initial post are fascinating. They reflect a general vagueness about the role of a Web 2.0/social media strategy for financial institutions.

    As pioneers like Paul at ISU-CU go exploring (sometimes in uncharted waters), it’s still far from clear how credit unions can best utilize Web 2.0/social media tools.

    There is no consensus yet.

    What are the rules and guidelines? Is there “a right way” and “a wrong way?” Who should I be trying to reach? What should I be saying? How should I be saying it? Who in my credit union will be responsible for it?

    Seems like there’s still more questions than answers at this stage of the game.

    And Paul certainly deserves kudos for the grace with which he’s responded. It’s not easy having your creative baby dissected right before your eyes.

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