>Web 2.0: Part 2 – Why should you care?

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>Web 2.0 Web 2.0 means collaboration and conversation. It’s why Time Magazine named “you” as the person of the year. Yes, you don’t have as much control as before on the web as a company, and as this article in BusinessWeek suggests:

“Corporations will have to craft new roles for themselves and learn new ways to operate in order to stay relevant. They’ll be unable to keep secrets for long amid the chorus of online voices, as Apple Computer Inc.learned when fan sites spilled the beans on unreleased products. Managers and employees will have to learn how to take orders from customers more than from bosses.”

Web 2.0 is exciting, new and revolutionary. Become an expert because it’s up to you to start your credit union’s conversation.

As you and PR department work on your web presence, keep these tenets in mind. The rules of the game have changed. Look at the recent YouTube/CNN Presidential Debate as an example of the paradigm shift. On the internet, it’s not about pushing out content anymore, but working with your members online instead. Whether it’s your blog, Myspace page, CU website, marketing materials, etc…your strategy will have to change. Read this fantastic piece by Room 214 entitled “Fire your PR Firm:”

Capture, don’t control. It means consistently listening closely, analyzing what people say, and participating constructively in key conversations within your existing or potential markets. It means leveraging conversations to build relationships and gain insight that will sustain your business for the long haul.”

Print out the article and distribute at your credit union’s next planning session. And don’t forget to discuss hiring a “conversation analyst” at least part-time or working the job description into a qualified person’s current duties for starters.

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  1. Christopher Morris

    >An addendum:

    I just came across this great (and comprehensive) post on “The Many Forms of Web Marketing for the 2007 Web Strategist.” Check it out here:

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