>Young Adults in Credit Unions Have Something to Say

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>The folks over at Filene are launching a new initiative called “30 Under 30.” It will bring together 30 credit union professionals under the age of 30 to develop solutions that help credit unions better serve the 18-to-24-year-old segment of young adults. If you’re interested in becoming involved, and/or want more details, check out their 30 Under 30 page.

Okay, so let me share my personal thoughts…

This is an awesome idea and long overdue. Why? Have you ever found yourself chatting with two other people, who are talking about you but not involving you in the conversation? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You try to speak up and express your thoughts, but the other two don’t really listen and continue on.

Well, as a young adult dedicated to the Movement, I can tell you many of us feel as though we’re in the middle of that same situation. We’re the “C” in an “A” and “B” conversation. What’s best for our generation and credit unions is being discussed, but doesn’t actually involve those of us already in credit unions.

In the off chance we ARE asked to offer our thoughts, it rarely involves anything beyond, “hey what’s your opinion of this marketing campaign… is it ‘hip’ with the kids these days?”

Don’t get me wrong, getting young adults involved in those types of discussions is a good thing. However, we have more to offer the discussion on how credit unions can better attract and serve our generation then if an advertisement looks “cool”.

Right now, only a handful of us young adults are able to speak up about this issue and have someone listen. The 30 Under 30 initiative is a way for more young adults to have their voices heard. That’s important, because credit unions can’t base the future of credit unions on the opinions of other generations and 5 or so young adults… myself included.

If we, as a Movement, are going to successfully address the ageing of credit unions, we need the collective input of young adults within credit unions. And that’s where programs like the YES Summit and Filene’s 30 Under 30 initiative step in.

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  1. Trey Reeme

    >Hear, hear!

    It’s a pretty demeaning question: “Is this cool with kids your age?”

    Great post, Josh!

  2. Tony Mannor

    >DOH! I’m disqualified by 2 years!

    I guess I really am old :)

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