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>Hello fellow bloggers and YES Summit enthusiasts, it’s a pleasure to meet you all!!

I would like to officially introduce myself as the third moderator for this year’s YES Summit. It’s great that you’ve had the chance to catch up with Courtney and Jason — but we all know that the best is saved for last…

… if by best you mean the last… and also newest to CreditUnionLand, with the most to learn about how our great CUs are recruiting and retaining GenY members.

I’m Brianne Gutoski, and look forward to meeting you all. I was hired with CUNA in January of 2007 after completing my degree in December. Jason mentioned how credit unions are the financial industry’s “best kept secret” and I could not agree more! In the past 9 months I have discovered the wonderful world of credit unions – a magical place where the members -not stockholders and management- are considered and revered. I was amazed that these establishments were not on the cover of every financial magazine.

Current experience has taught me that recent college grads are at a critical financial stage in their life. For the first time we have tangible income- a big difference from scrounging for laundry quarters in the couch cushions! However at the same time we have those dreaded student loans rearing their ugly heads (goodbye 6-month grace period!). Not to mention monthly bills, 401K (401-what? retirement already!?) CDs, bonds and of course, savings (including the emergency fund). Where will we turn for financial planning and management? Cue Aretha Franklin’s “Rescue Me.”.

If only we could devise a large CU light bulb to go off over everyone’s head when considering financial endeavors. However; since that’s not an option (although we could get in talks with Steve Jobs) we have to take this ‘light bulb’ to our future members.

“Where exactly are these future members?” you may ask. The easy answer is everywhere. When we categorize 18-30 year olds certain buzz words come to mind: tech-savvy, crack-berry, myspace, facebook, Second Life (or possibly someone using a blackberry to update their myspace blog titled ‘the expansion of facebook’ assuming the persona of their Second Life avatar). My point is that these people are online… a lot. There is one great thing about these online communities, especially for credit unions – they’re FREE! < Hallelujah > Let’s face it, no one can beat free marketing.

Yes, our blog mentions it often – but there’s nothing to lose. I challenge you to create a virtual page for your credit union (double dare). When finished, please let us know by posting a message here. If you’re already active in an online community let us know. Not only will we be happy to stop by your page and feature it here, but we’ll even be your online friend (remember networking is essential for exposure!). Good luck everyone, keep us posted!

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