>Facebook now has a credit union

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>Have you heard the news? Technology Credit Union is now the official credit union serving Facebook employees.

Check out the following article about the new relationship here…

I wonder if there will be anything that will come of the relationship between the two?

UPDATE 02/15/08: There’s an excellent conversation on this very topic over on the CUES Nexus blog. A nod to Mike Templeton for giving us the heads up in his comment below.

2 Responses to “>Facebook now has a credit union”

  1. Mike Templeton

    >On the CUES Nexus post here I mentioned that Tech CU had better start working on an online banking Facebook app, as KeyPoint CU already has one in place.

    This is definitely a chance for Tech CU to get some added publicity and brand awareness. Also, Facebook could serve as a perfect way to introduce CUs to the 18-to-30 crowd who may not be familiar with them.

  2. Josh Jones

    >Thanks for sharing the blog link, excellent conversation going on over there.

    It might be a bit of a stretch, but if Tech CU can build key relationships with Facebook staff, they may be able to wrangle some good credit union PR.

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