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Isn’t it great . . . to be in CUNAverse!  It truly is great, exciting, fun, and much more for all of us – the staff here at CUNA, to be part of the launch of our blog CUNAverse. 

Over the last few years we’ve visited the idea of starting a blog and until now it always felt like the only reason we were considering starting one was because it was what everybody else seemed to be doing.  There are tons of valuable, insightful, provocative, and just plain hilarious blogs in existence both in and out of our industry.  While we loved staying up on all of the happenings in the blogosphere we just didn’t have a real purpose to throw our hat in the ring.  Until now.

As 2010 began, it finally started feeling like the time was right for CUNA to begin its blog journey.  The curveballs the economy has thrown at our industry and country have put a great spotlight on the real meaning behind the credit union philosophy.  As staff at your premiere trade association we are so proud of the hurdles you’ve jumped, the millions of members you’ve helped and the powerful way you’ve led your credit unions through these challenging times.  We feel inspired to bring you CUNAverse – a CUNA staff blog that will provide direct communication with our members and all of you who share our love of credit unions. 

We hope with this blog to be able to share all of the things that we find so wonderful about working in this movement, provide a place to discuss important industry topics, and have a platform for you to connect with us.  If you’d like to learn more about our goals of the blog please read the “About” section, you can also check out our individual bios to get to know us each a little more in the “Team” section.  

We’re so excited to see where this journey takes us!

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  1. Terry Costin

    Hey, Meghann, Christopher, Tracy, Courtney, Josh and Shawn

    You ALL did it, I couldn’t be prouder of your diligence, persistence and energy displayed over the past months to get CUNA*verse up and operating. Oceans had 11, CUNA*verse started with the 6. Way to GO! By the way, I wanted you to see that I DO read blogs, so I’m responding here rather than an email. I will be an ongoing reader.


  2. Terry – Thank you for all of your support through our planning process for CUNAverse. We look forward to your blog comments and see an actual post in your future!


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