First Feedback on Bill Cheney as New CUNA President/CEO

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Bill Cheney

Feedback from credit unions and the press about CUNA’s hiring of Bill Cheney to succeed Dan Mica as president and CEO is already starting to roll in. From credit union folks: “Great choice” and “a real CU man” have been common.

 From reporters, there have been questions (which is what they are paid to ask). Somewhat typical: “Why didn’t you hire another ex-congressman?” (We’re in a much different place than 14 years ago, when Dan was hired. Because of Dan’s work, CUNA is highly respected on Capitol Hill and within the CU System. With Bill’s advocacy experience and system knowledge, our board agreed that Bill has the right combination of talents needed for these times.) “So, is CUNA going in a different direction?” (Nope; with his proven knowledge, background and experience, Bill can take the wheel immediately, build on CUNA’s achievements, and take the organization to new heights.) “Who were the other candidates, what’s the paycheck?” (Sorry folks; that’s all confidential.)

 The resulting stories from the reporters reflect their questions. Credit Union Times and Credit Union Journal (subscription required) both note Bill’s extensive experience throughout credit unions.

The Hill (a Washington newspaper covering Congress and the Capitol Hill community) mused about other candidates (including ex-congressmen and women).

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  1. Thanks for the insight, Patrick. In the meantime, Credit Union Times’ latest post notes Mr. Cheney’s past positive history with other credit union organizations and the leaders thoughts about credit unions speaking with “one voice.” It’s here:

  2. Congratulations CUNA! Bill Cheney is the right choice. His resume and actions reflect his management through cooperation and collaboration. He absolutely represents a new Era of innovation and return to the credit union philosophy at CUNA with a focus on results. Along with that, hiring from inside the credit union movement rather than a retired politician is good for business, and a success and sustainability lesson right from the phenomenal research of Jim Collins, Good to Great.

  3. Patrick Keefe

    Thanks for the comments. Just a point about the CU Times’ posting “Cheney Sees One CU Voice in Movement’s Future” ( In the conversation with the reporter, Bill was asked about possible changes to CUNA, in general, in the future (including personnel, etc.). His response was that it is “too early to tell” and wasn’t focused on the particular area of personnel. I’ve pointed this out to the reporter, etc.


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