CUNA School Goes 3 Dimensional

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When I started hearing buzz about Avatar, I had no interest in jumping on the 3D bandwagon.  The thought of Titanic in space came to mind – and that just wasn’t going to push me to go to the trouble of working out the logistics of a night out. (I still can’t believe the amount of pre-planning needed for something as simple as going to a movie when you have a 2 year old.)  After the movie was out for awhile, we had a sitter lined up and I finally gave in to the hype.  Despite the fact that I had no clue the IMAX would be still sold out, and I had to sit in the 2nd row fighting some pretty bad motion sickness – I absolutely loved it!  So much that I went back the next week with a much better seat, and had the best movie experience ever.  I know I sound like a geek – but come on, it really was fantastic!

After getting caught up in all the hype,  I was so excited to see a 3D concept for CUNA’s Marketing Management School.  This year’s school is going to be such a fun event, held just minutes from Disney, with a great opening keynote from Bill Capodagli, author of Innovate the Pixar Way.  I think the 3D concept (complete with a brochure including glasses!)  is the perfect way to convey both the playful side of the school as well as the fact that this program will truly help you add a whole new dimension to your credit  union marketing efforts.

Within days of our direct mail piece going out, I received more feedback than I ever have regarding a mailer.  Thank you to all who reached out to let us know how much you liked it.  We’re still having fun with it – and want to keep sharing our excitement with you.  We’re putting the 3D glasses included in the brochure to use with a newly announced contest.  The winner will receive a complimentary registration to CUNA’s Marketing Management School.  Put on your 3D glasses and check out the details (hurry – contest ends May 10th).

We all receive a ton of mail, so hearing that so many of you liked this particular piece was pretty cool.  Have you gotten something in the mail recently that really stood out  or has your credit union put together a mailer that had great results?  What was it that made the difference?


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