A Peek Behind the CUNAverse Curtain: Internal Launch & Tips

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Blogs can be confusingEver thought about starting a blog for your credit union? They’re an awesome opportunity to further connect with members.

In fact, it’s so awesome we decided a blog would be a great way to deepen the connection with OUR members… enter CUNAverse.

Resources such as Blogger, WordPress, and others make it easy to place blogs on the Web.  I’ve been known to set up a blog on the Web in less than an hour.

But it’s not the speed at which you set up a blog that determines its ultimate success. Careful planning and preparation before a blog launch is vital.

CUNAverse Cake

Yummy cake at internal launch

One item to plan for is the internal launch. Just like a new product being launched to the public, initial success for the blog is influenced by information shared internally before an official public launch.

Why? The more staff you have on-board, the more resources will be available to those shepherding the blog. The internal launch is your chance to efficiently build additional support, generate ideas, identify potential contributors, and educate those unfamiliar with blogs.

With that, I’m pulling back the curtain to share a glimpse of our internal launch for CUNAverse. This information will be helpful to those who wish to launch a blog for their credit union—and just plain amusing to the rest of you.

Watch the video:

Of course, I can’t just end a post like that! It’s kind of a let down if I don’t share more than just conversation and cake.

Here’s what we did for the internal launch:

  1. Buzz before. We posted signs, e-mailed invitations, and implemented what turned out to be a “grass roots” effort to get staff curious and raise awareness. The signs were intriguing (featuring the Vicuna… a llama-like
    A Vicuna

    The Vicuna: A Llama-like creature

    creature), e-mails were informative, and the grass roots effort included sharing general information about what we were doing during meetings and everyday conversations around the office.

  2. Interactive. We held activities, contests, and posted more signs in an informal setting for our internal launch. We wanted to do things a little differently than what staff may have been expecting to help grab their attention. Each effort helped communicate our mission, generated post ideas and identified potential resources.
  3. Perpetuate excitement. Another contest was announced after the internal launch to keep staff interested and harness the energy and excitement generated. The contest awarded a prize for the “best” blog post on a subject of the writer’s choosing.

So, what do you think? Any tips to share from your own internal launches?

6 Responses to “A Peek Behind the CUNAverse Curtain: Internal Launch & Tips”

  1. Very cool. Great video and good tips. The way you approached your internal launch was awesome.

    We recommend something very similar to our clients. It’s also nice to get off site and make it a staff party and definitely involved the CEO or someone very high up to show the importance to staff.

    And Great up the nose shot of Christopher! :)

  2. Thanks Tim!

    I really like the idea of having a launch event off-site with leadership. Seems that would reinforce several points about the effort.

    I wonder how our event would have changed if it was held at a separate location?

  3. Ha – love the video Josh (and also a shame none of us got some shots of you! That happens though, same reason I’m conspicuously absent from almost all family photos…)

    It should be noted that the Vicuna was chosen for its name (vi”CUNA” – basically the unofficial mascot of CUNAverse) and random adorableness. Definitely got employees’ attention around the office.

  4. Rachel Best

    It should be noted that it would be awesome to have a Vicuna around the office as an official mascot.


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