Why it’s Our Duty to Mention Credit Unions on a First Date

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Rachel Best

From Rachel Best:

I think we all love credit unions. Or we wouldn’t be reading this totally splendid blog, right?

In fact, I would go so far as to say that “credit union people” are more vocal about their love of their credit union than bank people.  We tell the grocery clerk about the differences between a credit union and a bank.  We say, “Hey, I get my ATM transactions surcharge-free, how about you?”  We argue tax-exempt status with our friend who works for a community bank and then make a pact to stop discussing it so we can stay friends.

I think I talk more about credit unions than astronauts talk about the moon.  When people ask me where I work, my friends all go, “Is this where you start talking about credit unions?” No joke…they actually do this.  YES, this is when I start talking about credit unions and their awesomeness.  And most of them love it (or in the case of the above community banker friend – tolerate it) because they are credit union members themselves.   For those that aren’t, I try to show them the light.  I’ve had new acquaintances and professional friends comment at the end of my credit union diatribe, “Why isn’t everyone in a credit union then?”  I tell them that they qualify and visit creditunion.coop, etc, etc. I forgo mentioning that it’s because big banks are bad. Got to keep it friendly, you know?

I lecture young cousins about where to get their first loans.  And while I wouldn’t know from personal experience, I’ve heard that bars are a great place to discuss credit unions.  Mention it on first dates – you’ll know right away if your compatible!  Who cares if it’s awkward, embrace it, it’s our duty!  Ask, “Do I look like the Little Guy when I carry this umbrella?”

If you haven’t gotten someone to say “Why isn’t everyone in a credit union then?” this month, then we’ve failed.  I don’t think we are doing our job nor our service to fellow citizens if we don’t get them to realize what they are missing.

So go out and get them champs!  If you can’t bring people to the mountain, bring the mountain to the people.

Rachel Best is the Meetings and Exhibits Manager for the Credit Union National Association. Read her last CUNAverse blog post here.

6 Responses to “Why it’s Our Duty to Mention Credit Unions on a First Date”

  1. Theresa

    Great post! My guy paid with a check card from a CU on the 1st date, so of course I stuck around :-)

  2. Ann

    Love this post, Rachel! When people ask me what my job is about (I am the Business Development Director at my CU) I tell them I am the CU evangelist. My mission is to convert as many people as I can to the CU and save them from paying outrageous rates and fees. My friends and family do a whole lot of eye rolling and once in a while groan when the perfect question is posed (like “So really, what’s the difference between banks and credit unions?”)

  3. I believe this is one of the “29 Dimensions of Compatibility”…or should be? As it is in any relationship — personal or with members, it’s always great when you can talk about your passions, and even better when you find out that a love for your credit union is one more thing you have in common. Great post Rachel…see you in Vegas!

  4. Rachel Best

    Glad to hear that I’m not the only one out there. Very glad in fact!

  5. Richard Dines

    I’m totally with you on this, Rachel! My friends and family tend to roll their eyes now whenever the subject of credit unions or co-ops comes up (which seems to happen often). I’m one of those true believers that will talk about this to strangers, too (as a family man, I’m not in the dating scene anymore).


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