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When’s the last time you took a chance?  Bought a lottery ticket? Went skydiving? Went on a blind date?! Many of us take chances throughout the day and don’t even know it “eh, not too sure about the meatloaf at the cafeteria, but I’ll give it a go,” or “I think I could pull off skinny jeans.” Even if they’re not the best ideas you’ve ever had, you’re willing to give them a try. Ah, such is life.

Now, think about the last time you took a chance for your credit union??  Launching an expansive Facebook campaign?  (Too time-consuming). Hiring a Social Media Manager? (No, I don’t even know what that is!) Starting a blog? (Too much pressure.)

Why are we so resistant to change when it comes to innovation within the industry, but so open to it in other aspects of life? Think about that very first credit union to develop a website. What if that was considered ‘too risky’?  Where would we be if a few more didn’t join the internet bandwagon?  Where will your credit union get more membership inquiries from a website or a phonebook? The Internet has revolutionized all business’ relevancy. If you are not online in 2010 I will bet your membership numbers are declining rapidly (and I personally will never find you).

The credit union movement was created by taking a chance, by offering an alternative to other financial institutions.

Why not take a chance? All ideas may not be million-dollar ones (or I would be writing this from my second yacht in the French Riviera, in my awesome skinny jeans) but you’ll never know unless you try it!

When was the last time your credit union took a chance?


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