Goodbye Councils & Hello Foundation!

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Pondering the future & reflecting on all the good times.

One door closes, another opens…

In May of 2007, I left the National Credit Union Foundation (the national charitable arm of the credit union system) to become the Web Manager at the CUNA Councils. A couple years and a title change later, I’m now leaving the Councils to go back to the Foundation! I’ll be sad to leave my CUNA friends and colleagues, but will only be one floor away on campus here in Madison.

It does mean however, that I’ll be stepping down from the CUNAverse team. The blog has only been part of the credit union blogosphere for four months and I know that with this great group of enthusiastic and talented colleagues, it will be vibrant for years to come. And I won’t be too far away, so I might post as a guest blogger from time to time …

But back to the Councils, I have a deep appreciation for them in many ways and I’ve learned a lot. Too much for one single post, but here are some highlights:

Credit union people actually do cooperate. Obviously I knew that was true before, but information sharing and networking is the basis of the Councils. Even to this day, it’s mind blowing to me to see someone on one of the list serves go “Hey, I’m working on my marketing plan for next year, can someone send me or upload theirs?” Then a dozen members respond happily sharing their files. I have an email I kept from a former banker that joined the council who said it best – “What is impressive and inspirational is the unselfish demonstration of genuine desire to extend assistance to one another.” Indeed. People helping people on another level.

HR people can make list serve topics like dress code and tattoos in the workplace really, really interesting. To wear or to not wear Capri pants, that is the question.

Some people will try and tell you white papers are dead – far from it. The Councils continue to publish them – about 25 a year, with around 250 total papers in circulation – members love them (they are a free member benefit). Sometimes you have to ignore the pundits and continue to listen to your members.

I learned a lot about online community management, but you know that already.

And finally, credit union people continue to be some of the nicest, passionate, inspiring and amazing people I’ve ever met. Whether it be at Council conferences, credit union events, online, in emails, on Twitter, or even around the hallways at CUNA, you all make everyday a little bit better and I’m lucky to know you. Thanks for all you do and thanks for always making me feel like a part of something wonderful.

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  1. Welcome back – and I mean it this time!
    Let’s do this.

  2. You will be missed Christopher!!! I wish you the best in all of your adventures.

  3. Working with you on the CUNAverse team has been one of the highlights of my nearly 7 years here at CUNA. You have been such a great co-worker and an even greater friend. I wish you the very best at NCUF, so glad that’s just a floor away. I will of course be down bugging you for your first guest blog post in the near future!!

  4. @Denise – Thanks and yes, it’s on!

    @Lynn – Thank you and I know we will keep in touch online.

    @Meghann, Meghann, Meghann – you are the best. I will miss working with you on CUNAverse, on Council stuff and everything in between. I could blabber on and on but know that I will however continue to email you animated gifs when the occasion calls for it…

    …and thanks to everyone else who’s DMed or emailed me a note – as I said I’m very grateful to know you!

  5. Also, as a sidenote, the picture in this post is from a presentation that CUNAverse’s Josh Jones and I did in 2008 for the Lousiana CU League. We took a bunch of pictures and used them to ahem, “enhance” certain slides. I found the files cleaning out my desk!

  6. Congratulations and good luck Christopher!

  7. Thanks Jackie! Hope things are going well at Genisys!

  8. Halcyon days mi amigo! We had a lot of fun putting that presentation together.

  9. Carolyn Jordan

    Congratulations Christopher! I still remember the first time I met you at a Councils Forum meeting when you shared that some people say you look like Elvis! Well, even though you have left the Councils “building” (or maybe just the floor….smile), I am so glad that you have not left the CU movement “building”. It was a pleasure to work with you on the Councils. You were truly a driving factor in getting us to the next level from an online perspective starting with Connect. Keep doing all that you do to make a difference in the CU movement. You’re awesome and I wish you much success!

  10. Thanks Carolyn! It was great working with you and glad we’ll still be in touch via Twitter, etc. And yes, I hope to stay in the CU movement for a very long time :)

  11. I simply think of you as Chris Rock … we’ll be tuned in for your next star performance ~


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