Words of Wisdom from the Class of 1997

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My H.S. Yearbook

Just last week I sent an e-mail to former CUNAverse blogger Christopher Morris wishing him the very best in his new position at NCUF (check out his last official CUNAverse blog post ).  After that e-mail we joked that it felt like I was signing his yearbook. That conversation got me wondering what words of wisdom were left in my yearbook 13 years ago.  Just thinking back to high school brought back so many different types of personal memories – from football games and dances to first heartbreaks, both great and terrible teachers, standardized tests, stressing way too much about homework, some poor decisions and a lot of really fun times with great friends.   

Inspired by those memories, I dug out my senior yearbook to see what my friends at Oakcrest High School imparted on me as I was set to graduate. Reading what my classmates had written made me realize some bigger things about who we were.  We were the Class of 1997 – we were excited about the endless possibilities for our future and we were friends who sincerely wished the very best for one another. In some ways we were wise beyond our years and in other ways we were really naïve.  Here are a few of the comments and some of the advice given by my classmates:

  • Don’t party too much and try to do some work.
  • Don’t let anyone change you.
  • Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.
  • Don’t let anything hold you back in life.
  • Keep smiling.
  • You’ve got the potential to rule the world.
  • I have no doubt that there will be anything but success in your future.
  • Thank you for your friendship, I would be a different person if we had never met. 
  • As you move on to very exciting times take a moment every now and again to remember the great memories. 
  • Be true to yourself in all that you do.
  • May all of your dreams come true!

My yearbook picture in 1997

I’m guessing when I read many of these words years ago I didn’t take the words to heart in but instead focused on the feelings of sadness of leaving my peers behind and excitement/nervousness of starting the next chapter in my life.  Looking back and reading those words today I can’t help but feel inspired by my classmates and hope that I’ve lived up to many of their parting words.

Looking through my yearbook also made me realize how many classmates are no longer with us, just 13 years after graduation.  Life is short and even though as adults we don’t actually have yearbooks, we should tell the people in our lives that they matter, we should encourage them to live up to their potential, we should remind them of the things about them that make them so special to us and we should thank them for being in our lives.   

Dust off your own yearbooks and check out the words of wisdom your classmates had for you - I’d love to hear some of the great advice you were given; I’m sure there are lessons we could all learn today.

7 Responses to “Words of Wisdom from the Class of 1997”

  1. This makes me want to dust off my yearbook tonight! Great post and very, very true.

    Also, life’s a dance?

  2. I hope you do Christopher, would love to hear some gems from your yearbook! As for the yearbook design – not sure what I love more the bright teal and hot pink or the fact that the letters have their dancing shoes on.

  3. Megan Brauer

    Amazing post, I am definantly going to dig out my yearbook tonight!

  4. I dug out the yearbook and a few old pics… now I’m on a diet!

  5. Michelle Willits

    Meghann, that’s exactly what I experienced by going to my university’s Homecoming. It is a chance to tell each other and our teachers how much they meant, and still mean, to us. Those friendships are very precious.

  6. @Michelle – very cool you had that opportunity at Homecoming. I think Facebook has helped provide a place to do the same, it was great to hear about some old classmates of mine that read this blog post just by hearing about it on Facebook. The friendships and memories certainly are precious.


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