The Huffington Post and debit card interchange

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The Huffington Post llThe Huffington Post news and opinion website has posted a new column from CUNA CEO Bill Cheney on the costs to credit unions and consumers of the coming rules on debit card interchange. See below for a link to the full article. Here is an excerpt:

“Some recent media reports have said small banks and credit unions are the big winners in the regulatory battle over how much revenue financial institutions should derive from the use of debit cards. (In industry terms, this is known as debit interchange revenue). Credit unions and small banks have a deserved reputation for being consumer-friendly. So logic would dictate that if you’re a credit union member or a small-bank customer, you should be feeling pretty good, right?”

- Bill Cheney
CUNA President & CEO
Posted on January 20, 2011 on

Read the entire column, New Interchange Rules for Debit Cards: A Perceived ‘Win’ Is Really a Loss from Bill Cheney here. If you’d like to post your own comment, you can do so under the “reader comments” section on The Huffington Post.

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