Big Time Thursday: The ACUC in Texas! (Contest)

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Improv Everywhere Founder Charlie Todd

What do you get when you hold an America’s Credit Union Conference & Expo (ACUC) planning session after watching Improv Everywhere’s I Love Lunch! The Musical? If you’re me, you get this crazy idea to hold a random musical at the Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC).   That’s right, we’re so excited about ACUC we decided to sing about it at this year’s GAC.  OK, full disclosure, we actually were so excited we hired actors to sing about it (nobody wants to hear me sing), and enlisted some friends from the CUNA Councils to help as well.    That’s right, exhibit hall attendees were surprised by this CUNA ACUC 2011 Random Musical. (Warning: Once you watch this you’ll likely be humming the tune all afternoon!)

Are there ways credit unions can use things like random musicals and flash mobs to stand out in a crowded market?  With the right plan up front and strategy to help it go viral, there are certainly ways these can compliment your traditional promotions.  Join us at ACUC to hear Improv Everywhere (the group behind the I Love Lunch! Musical)  founder Charlie Todd present a thought leader session sharing details behind some of his group’s biggest pranks and what credit unions can learn from using those kinds of tactics.

Already have a video you’re trying to spread the word on?  I recently spoke with Michael Taylor of PLAY Creative, the marketing agency who worked with the Nebraska Credit Union League on their recent CU Awareness Campaign.  Here are some simple ways Taylor suggests to help spread the word about your video:

  • Post the video link on Facebook fan pages of other groups your audience would likely be interested in
  • Share the link on Twitter and ASK people to share with their friends and comment on the site where you’re hosting the video. Asking people on Twitter versus just sharing a link can help you get more people to actually pass the link on.
  • Reach out to like-minded blogs and ask them to post a story about your viral project.  Make sure to include an answer to the question “What’s in it for their readers?”
  • Tag the video correctly on YouTube.  This is key for people searching on YouTube.  Having good tags also helps bring the video up in Google searches.
  • Send a plain old e-mail to friends and family.  This can help spread the word in the early going. In turn, they will also likely share with their friends and family.

BIG TIME Thursday CONTEST: We want to know, what are some of the BIG TIME things your credit union is doing or planning to do to stand out from the competition? Answer that question in a comment below and we’ll do a random drawing on March 31st (just in time to kick off our next Big Time Thursday contest) of all commenters to give away an Apple iPod® nano 8 GB (6th Generation) and a copy of Charlie Todd’s book Causing a Scene: Extraordinary Pranks in Ordinary Places with Improv Everywhere.

Read more about BIG TIME Thursday Contests (there will be lots of great prizes through May 2011).

UPDATE (3/31): This contest has ended – congratulations to our winner, Cheryl Hart, who won an Apple iPod® nano 8 GB (6th Generation) and a copy of Charlie Todd’s book Causing a Scene: Extraordinary Pranks in Ordinary Places with Improv Everywhere.  THANKS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!

CONTEST DETAILS: Contest begins today and ends on Wed., March 30th at 11:59PM (ct). No purchase necessary to win.  Make sure you leave an email address where you can be contacted.  The winner will be notified via e-mail and will also be announced on the blog.  Multiple comments are allowed as long as you have a valid idea in each comment. (No duplicate comments) The odds of winning depend on the number of entrants received.  Void where prohibited.
This competition is offered by Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and is open to anyone who comments on this post and is at least 18 years of age. Employees of CUNA and family members of such employees are not eligible to enter.
CUNA shall not have any liability for any malfunction of or damage to the prize. The award winner may be responsible for applicable state or federal taxes on the value of the contest prize.
iPod® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.

12 Responses to “Big Time Thursday: The ACUC in Texas! (Contest)”

  1. We have recently merged and our new focus is on the underserved much like how credit union’s began….I think this is a great way to begin!

  2. Our credit union has been offering a Credit Builder loan for almost two years. We market the loan heavily in the Latino community, but all members (especially youth) have really benefited from the Credit Builder loan program. The first borrowers have now moved on to larger personal loans and car loans. It’s a win for the members, and a win for the credit union!

  3. Big Time? At Lake Michigan Credit Union we’re:

    1. Actively engaging members via social media with 853 ‘Likes” on Facebook & 1,337 Twitter followers.

    2. Seeking out unique value-added opportunities for members including our own insurance agency, investment agency, auto leasing, auto center with a car wash (200+ vehicles) and even a coffee shop (“The Perk”).

    3. Committed to a robust mobile banking product. In-house solutions for mobile web and text banking are already in play, with plans for a bleeding edge downloadable app set for late 2011 (mobile web hits per month at ~45,000).

    4. Continuing to offer our 4% no minimum balance, rewards checking account called Max Checking, and engaging our members to help “Save Free Checking” —

  4. We are committed to cultivating a culture of learning in 2011 and beyond. When times are tough and the economy is hurting, companies cut learning expenses when it is needed the most. Investing in our employees is a key injitiative of 2011.

  5. Our credit union is standing out from other credit unions by trying to educate young people the way they want to be educated. We are using Twitter, Facebook, etc. We have created a website called the ELGA Vibe., where we have “Vibe Ninjas” that blog about topics that young people would enjoy. They also create videos that appeal to young people.

    And, we have a full time associate that works in schools to teach NEFE, create student credit unions, and teaches to local women’s shelters.

    I think the fact that we are spending so much time and effort on education… makes us stand out. Especially since we are located in Michigan where the mortgage crisis has been hit hard!

    Tara Whitmire

  6. Here at our credit union, we use Facebook and Twitter to actively engage social media and get young people as well as others to get to know us and try our products and services. Our supervisors and managers go out to many schools in our five county areas every year to do financial literacy presentations and HR presentations to educate young minds on how to use money and credit wisely; as well as dress for success and how to act for interviews and other HR related items. We also have an in-school branch that has student tellers and MSRs that help to educate students on how to save money and learn what it is like to have a job and work in a financial instution. Education is key and starting early is where it begins.

    Through it all, our main focus is to teach and stand behind the credit union philosophy.

  7. Here at SOFCU we’ve decided to have some fun with our latest promotion “Shoot for Loot and win $5000.00 for you and your local school”, which plays off of March Madness. We do use Facebook, Twitter and Blogger, plus all of our branches are decorated in a basketball theme inside and out. Our local car dealers have our banners and yard signs displayed and are having fun with the promotion, which also offers a chance to have your interest rate reduced to 0.00%.

    The winners of our promotion will be making 10 free throws with each basket made worth $500.00 to them and their local school, we guarantee the school $2500.00 and the member $500.00, plus they can appoint an alternate to shoot the baskets for them.

    We’ve got a Student Athlete of the Week nomination during the promotion period and award the students with their choice of a class ring, letterman jacket or gift card. We have been getting quite a bit of positive feedback on how great it is that we are giving back to our local schools. The event is going to be televised and each school is hoping they are one of the schools selected.

    This has been a Win! Win! our staff is having a blast, the members love it, the car dealers are on board with it and it has opened doors in more of our schools to come in with our Teens and Money classes, followed up with a Mad City Money Simulation.

  8. Wow, great comments everyone!

  9. Great to hear from everybody, all of your credit unions are definitely about the Big Time! So great to hear that you are not only doing great things to educate your members to improve their financial well being but the staff at your credit unions are also passionate about the job they are doing. Keep up the great work! Best of luck for this week’s Big Time Thursday contest – remmeber to stay tuned for the upcoming contests as well!

  10. At the NC League we’re working hard to cultivate our member credit unions and their staff at understanding the issues that credit unions face in Washington and the State Capitol. We recently released twitter to staff to tweet about the great things we’re doing for our members, and we’re encouraging our social media followers to begin interacting with their lawmakers on their social media pages…all to great reaction!

  11. Stephanie Ludington

    Our Credit Union has made a solid goal to focus on our members’ needs more than ever. We are working with CUNA to get several of our member service consultants to become Certified Financial Counselors and offering our assistnace to those members who are affected by the economic times. We have also become more agressive on marketing by joining the “social” networks and educating our younger members in finance.

  12. Thanks so much to all of you for commenting and entering this Big Time Thursday contest! Cheryl Hart was our winner for this first one, Congratulations Cheryl! We have a new contest up for you to comment on for a chance to win some new prizes:

    Stay tuned for a new Big Time Thursday every week through early May – there are going to be some BIG prizes in upcoming weeks!

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