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From Carla Day:

Carla Day

As a young credit union executive, there was much that I had to learn and thankfully there was a program to help me – CUNA Management School (CMS). The other day I saw on Facebook, that CUNA was offering a scholarship for a first year student to attend this amazing program. Are you a credit union employee? Do you want to grow within your credit union career? If yes, you should apply for this program and scholarship!

I graduated from CMS a few years ago and I can point to that experience as being a career charging opportunity. I first heard about the program from a co-worker who became a senior manager around the same time I did. I got more information about  CMS and immediately knew I had to attend. The CMS program is a well-rounded three-year credit union management school that propelled my career.

For two weeks each summer, the program runs at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Attendees live in dorms, eat cafeteria food, and bond with their fellow students. Dorm life is much better than you would expect (especially since they now have semi-private bathrooms!). The learning doesn’t happen just in a classroom either. Each year, students participate in a team-building activity that they will never be forget.

The learning doesn’t end after the two-weeks each summer, because students use what they learn in Madison and complete an interim project. The first project involves looking back at their credit union’s history from the beginning and specifically the previous five years. The second project is all about planning for the future with a five year strategic plan. After completing each project, you will know more about your credit union than probably anyone else there.

Over the years, the program has grown to include the annual projects, then testing, which brought accreditation (you can earn college credit), and most recently a designation. Graduates of CUNA Management School now earn the CCUE (Certified Credit Union Executive) designation. This honor shows that you have graduated from this comprehensive program, understand credit unions and leadership.

Are you ready to sign up? The deadline for applying for the scholarship is Friday, May 27th, but don’t let that quick timeline stop you from changing your career forever. It is a short application and if you can’t get it in by Friday, CUNA has said they will accept them into early next week. Please contact them to let them know you will be applying.

For more information about the program: CUNA Management School – Madison, FAQ, Why should you attend?

If you have questions about the program, please let me know. I’d be happy to discuss it with you, refer you to other graduates, or the CUNA program director, Meghann Dawson.

Carla Day is the Founder of CU Chat Up.  This post was originally published on the CU Chat Up blog.

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