CUNA Article Positions Credit Unions as a Safe Harbor for Nervous Investors

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MADISON, Wis. (August 24, 2011) – CUNA’s Copy & Art Express newsletter service is offering credit unions two new free articles—“Your Credit Union: Safe Harbor in Financial Storms” and “U.S. Credit Rating Slips: What (If Anything) Does it Mean to You?”—to remind members that credit unions are strong and stable.

“These two articles remind consumers that credit unions are a safe haven for their hard-earned money, even during times of economic uncertainty,” explained Vikki Kinsler, manager of the Copy & Art Express newsletter service.

While the downgrade in the U.S.’s credit rating has shaken investors, the credit rating drop has actually had a positive short term impact on bonds, the “Credit Rating Slip” article explains.

“Major swings in the stock market can be unsettling for consumers, making this a good time to remind them that credit unions insure members’ savings to at least $250,000, says Kinsler. “Federal insurance from the National Credit Union Administration protects members’ money in credit union share savings, share draft/checking, money market, share certificates, trust, and retirement accounts.”

The “Safe Harbor” newsletter article reminds members that credit unions have a strong capital position. That strong capital base—undivided earnings and reserves—helps credit unions and their member-owners weather uncertain economic times.

With the economic outlook uncertain, it’s good to remind members that credit unions are safe and secure.

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