CUNA staff are gearing up to celebrate bank transfer day, how about you?

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Wow, 650,000 American’s switched to credit unions last month - more than all of the new customers who joined in 2010!  Here at the Credit Union National Association we are excited to see so many of you discovering what we’ve known all along – that credit unions are the smarter choice.  We’re celebrating the excitement and gearing up for bank transfer day in style - sporting shirts that are perfect for the occasion – one that shows a FEE-H8R license plate and the other says “I did the math:  CU>bank   credit unions are the smarter choice”.   Comment to let us know about your experience with bank transfer day – whether you’re at a credit union that is planing a big celebration or seeing member growth or if you are somebody who is making the switch to a credit union – we’d love to hear from you!  2 lucky commenters will be picked at random to receive one of our bank transfer day t-shirts.  Happy Bank Transfer Day from CUNAverse!

UPDATE (11/08): This contest has ended – congratulations to our winners, Alyssa and Aimee. They each won a  Bank Transfer Day t-shirt from CUNA. THANKS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!

Comment for your chance to win 1 of our Bank Transfer Day t-shirts!





CONTEST NOTES: Contest begins today and ends on Mon., Nov. 7th at 11:59PM (ct). Winners will be chosen by a random number generator. Make sure you leave an email address where you can be contacted.  The winner will be notified via e-mail and will also be announced on the blog.  The odds of winning depend on the number of entrants received.  No purchase necessary to win. Void where prohibited.

This competition is offered by Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and is open to anyone who comments on this post and is at least 18 years of age. Employees of CUNA and family members of such employees are not eligible to enter.

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23 Responses to “CUNA staff are gearing up to celebrate bank transfer day, how about you?”

  1. Kerri Sheingold

    I am so excited to join a Credit Union. I cannot morally justify doing business with a bank that has been so dishonest and caused so much pain to so many people. When I go in to deposit my funds in my new CU on Saturday I think I might bake some cookies for the tellers (I’m sure they’re going to have a busy day.
    Bad Bank of America…. no cookies for you!

  2. Kerri – thanks so much for your comment and an even bigger thanks for making the decision to join a credit union! We’re super excited to have you become a member. So awesome of you to be thinking of the credit union tellers who are going to be so busy tomorrow. I’m sure they are going to be having a lot of fun welcoming so many new people through their doors – but cookies for sure would make their day :)

  3. Alyssa

    I work and belong to a CU – so happy to not be with a bank anymore. I think it is a great idea for CUs to capitalize on the negative publicity the banks are getting. It’s the National recognition that CUs really need to spread the word. At my CU we are not necessarily promotion Bank Transfer Day but instead really getting the word out about how CUs are different and the amazing services we offer. We are also asking our current members to refer their friends to us with incentives. Been working out pretty well so far.

  4. Melissa


  5. Josh Allison, CUDE

    This is so exciting! 650,000 in one month! Woot, woot!

  6. That’s great to hear Alyssa, so glad you have been able to use this opportunity to get the word out about how credit unions are different. Thanks for your comment!

  7. You’re awesome Melissa!

  8. Credit Unions are gaining momentum!

  9. Woot, woot indeed!

  10. I’m celebrating by facilitating a teach-in about the credit union movement at the Occupy Burlington encampment:

  11. Jugomugo

    Glad to have switched from Chase to Madison’s UW Credit Union!

  12. Matt

    Love it. Banks stink! Join a CU.

  13. At Oswego County FCU we are open for Bank Transfer day ( usually not on saturdays). We are open from 8am to noon in all three locations, We did newspaper ads, facebook, email blasts, link to ad on website, flyers in offices, and our CEO was on a local channel doing an interview on the day. We also are giving away really swaggy t-shirts (join the credit union revolution) to all new members and offering an incentive to refer a friend. We have seen 9 New accounts thus far today ( oh and we are feeding members breakfast and lunch :) ) Good things are happening in Oswego, NY !

  14. Loving to hear from those of you who have made the switch to a credit union. So glad to have you join!! And wow to the things we are hearing from our credit unions, you are doing some awesome things to let people know what a great choice you are. Aimee – so cool you are serving breakfast and lunch on top of the many other things you’ve done. Great things are definitely happening in Oswego and across the country!! Thanks all for your comments!

  15. Kerri Sheingold

    Well, I was going to bring the tellers cookies – but they already had big plates of cookies all over the place…. I’ll just have to bring in something another time. I also wanted to say how awesome DCU was during the power outage this last week. They opened up their doors to provide hot coffee, warmth, and a place to charge your cell phones. That is an example of the REAL community support they provide, not the lame PR stunts that the big banks try and pull to white wash all the pain they cause.

  16. Mimi

    I had a great experience opening up my new account at Tropical Financial Credit Union. When I opened my account at lunch time on Oct 20, I was the 7th new credit union member that had left Bank of America already that day! I’m so happy to be keeping my money in my community. Thanks Tropical Financial!

  17. That’s awesome Kerri! So glad to hear DCU is taking such great care of its members.

    Mimi – a friend of mine works at Tropical Financial Credit Union and I’m not at all surprised that you’ve had such a great experience with them :) Love hearing you’ve made the switch and about the others that did the same. Thanks so much for your comment and for joining Tropical Financial!!

  18. We are SO happy Mimi to have you as part of the Tropical FInancial CU family! Welcome to a better way of banking where people are truly helping people – I personally am very proud to be a member AND an employee of such an honorable business….credit unions ROCK!

  19. Great stories, and thanks to Matt Cropp for sharing the link!

  20. Ava

    I’ve been with a credit union for years but had my checking with a local bank. Now I’ve closed that out and am happily at my credit union. Can’t believe I didn’t do that YEARS AGO!!

  21. Sun Federal Credit Union has told members that “Bank Transfer Day is Any Day!” This has been posted in our branches, on our website and within our social media sites (Facebook & Twitter) We’ve also increased our referral incentive for the month of November. Go Credit Unions!

  22. Video from the teach-in:

  23. Great job spreading CU Philosophy Matt! Thanks for sharing with CUNAverse.

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