How credit unions and financial institutions use social media

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A friend was recently hired into the credit union industry. As she got up-to-speed with credit unions she wanted to get a better sense for how financial institutions use social media and asked if I would supply her with resources on the subject.

I said to myself after replying to her request: “Self… CUNAverse readers might find this information useful!” I agreed with myself, as I often do.

So, here is a small list of online resources I track with periodically or have found to be useful. It is by no means an exhaustive list—nor an endorsement—but rather a small sampling of what I use to stay current with the credit union space and better understand how financial institutions use social media. Perhaps you will find these helpful as well.

What resources and examples would you suggest? Please share them in the comments!


Examples of credit unions using social media:


Resources from the credit union industry:


Articles on social media and financial institutions:


6 Responses to “How credit unions and financial institutions use social media”

  1. Great information. Thanks so much for making my job a little easier today.

  2. You’re welcome Margie. Glad to hear CUNAverse was a helpful resource for you today!

  3. Josh,

    This is a nice comprehensive piece–extremely well done! I would (selfishly) suggest folks check out the post “The Two Ss of Social Media” ( As credit unions continue to dive into social media they can’t forget the importance of strategy and staff.


  4. Great suggestions Mark – thanks so much for linking to “The Two Ss of Social Media”. I couldn’t agree more about the importance of strategy and staff. I’ve heard so many stories of credit union staff being assigned to just start tweeting or just get a facebook page up for the credit union without first talking about a strategy and how much actual time and resources it will take to engage in those spaces effectively.

  5. The next question after “Who’s doing what?” is “Who’s got results?”

    I strongly encourage any credit union considering a social media strategy to review this 30-minute webinar:

    It’s free. And it’s sobering.

  6. @Mark and @Jeffry – Thanks for sharing these resources. Excellent information for any and all CUs working on or currently using social media.

    @Meghann – couldn’t agree with you more!

    @Margie – I’m very happy we could help!

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