Happy Valentine’s Day – Here’s Why this Millennial Gen Xer LOVES Her Credit Union

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Full disclosure, I was born in 1979 so I guess I can technically be categorized as a Gen Xer.  But apparently my frequent texting, engagement across multiple social media channels and likely the fact that I was born at the very end of the Gen X timeframe align me much more with the characteristics of Gen Ys/Millennials.  Need further proof -I just scored 89 on this How Millennial Are You quiz (you should take the quiz too and let us know where you fall).  Anyway, it’s a fact – I’m totally a young 32!

At a planning session recently, that included a mix of generations but mostly Gen Ys and Gen Zs, our discussion led to identifying the things that make us pick one business over another.  More specifically, what are the things that make us not only choose to do business but love doing business with a certain establishment? 

Myself – along with the Gen Ys and Zs came up with the top 5 things that make that difference to us.  After our meeting I realized how much my credit union succeeds at these things and that’s why I love them.  So while the list is not exhaustive, I think there are some insights for you to consider as you work to not only lower the average age of your members – but evolve to a credit union that younger members fall in love with.

Please take a moment to view our slideshow for 5 tips for winning your younger members’ hearts.  We’d also love to hear what you think is missing from our list.  And if you’d like to share your Millennial quiz score - bragging rights will be awarded to the oldest commenter with the highest score!!

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14 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day – Here’s Why this Millennial Gen Xer LOVES Her Credit Union”

  1. Cheryl

    My Millennial score is 72!
    The higher your score, the more you have in common with members of the Millennial generation.
    Surprising since I was born in 1958!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your score Cheryl. You’re in the running now for bragging rights :)

  3. Access across channels is probably the most important one of the group… although they’re all important in my book. Oh, and I snagged an 87/100 for my score!

  4. Josh – Can we start calling you Mr. Millennial around the building :)

  5. 59/100. Born in ’88… Agree on the channels and making it easy (and fast). How about cost? Money is definitely on my list.

  6. 59/100 @Melissa – sounds like you’re a Millennial GenXer too :) Thanks for the suggestion of adding cost to our list. We talked about that as well and thought it was an important factor but we were willing to pay extra if businesses really rocked the other things. However, if the price was really right we were open to compromising on some of the others on our list.

  7. Kari

    Surprisingly got a score of 81/100. Born in ’66. Fun quiz by the way! :)

  8. Thanks for commenting and taking the quiz Kari – sounds like bragging rights are up in the air for both you and Cheryl :) Maybe credit union peeps in general are young at heart. Would be great if we could leverage that to get more younger members to join a credit union!

  9. I scored a 90/100. Somehow I’m not surprised! :) Very cool and interesting to see the range of scores we’re all getting. Keep ‘em coming!

  10. 90! Not bad for a gal who was born in 64! Perhaps having techy sons, an unabashed love for the late Steve Jobs (Apple too) and a tattoo helped!

  11. Impressive Bridget – I’m sure your techy sons love having such a cool mom :)

  12. Susan Dyer

    Man…only 55…and I was born in 1972! Thinking my reading of a daily newspaper, no tatoo or piercings, and aversion to video games (unless it’s a free standing Ms. Pac-Man) contributed to my low score. My top two on the slideshow are design (a hard to use website will shut anyone down after 5 seconds) and access across all channels (so important when people have multiple devices). Fun quiz!

  13. Great article! I was a little shocked at my score of 85. (1976)

  14. Great post Meg! I took the quiz (very fun) and scored a 92! I am 34 so I definitely fall into the Gen X category… but I guess surrounding myself with Technology and Millenials has helped me “stay young.”

    Things that make me choose one business over another: their honesty, their commitment to their members/users/customers, their connection with their community, their willingness to help, their attitude and the way I feel when I shop there/frequent the establishment.

    The “Cheers” theme song is playing in my head now… but it really is great when you are treated like an old friend.

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