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>CCUC09 Live – Attendee’s reaction to Keynote

Posted by on Thursday, 22 October, 2009


Bob Butler, Director, PrimeWay FCU in Houston shares his thoughts on today’s Keynote from Kirk Weisler…

>CCUC09 Live – What’s Your Big Moo?

Posted by on Thursday, 22 October, 2009

>How can you engage employees and inspire a spirit of organizational ownership with your employees? You don’t have to be bitten by a radioactive spider or be a super hero to transform your abilities and engender inspiration among employees or board members at your credit union.

According to Kirk Weisler, it’s all about being positively contagious and infectious.
That doesn’t sound like something you would want to be–especially H1N1 floating around. But that’s exactly what will shine a light of passion and vision inspiring those you work with.
Kirk cited that 17% of Americans are actively disengaged from work… 54% are simply not engaged according to the Gallup Management Journal. It’s a problem that affects morale, affects how credit unions serve their members, and ultimately succeed as leaders in the financial services industry.
How can you address this as a credit union leader?
Recognize and communicate the “big moos” around your workplace and with your members. Your “big moo” takes Purple Cow’s premise of being REMARKable to the next level.
It’s not simply having something that’s remarkable and relying on others to share… you can take control and inspire others by being positively contagious with your communication about the exceptional. Be mindful of what’s remarkable about everyday activities we take for granted and make sure others know about it.
Sure, saying your co-worker is doing a good job is one thing. But what if you were to identify and communicate the remarkable? Kirk suggests being positively contagious by sharing how “she is tenacious with deadlines, knows EVERY member she helps by name.” That’s a much different message than, simply “she’s doing a good job.”
This type of communication goes beyond simple tasks, and can be extended to how the organization operates, and how you represent your credit union in the community.
Celebrate and relentlessly share your “big moos.” This positivity is infectious. The more you do it, the more others will do the same. Soon more and more will be positively contagious and–without thinking–and sharing what’s remarkable about their workplace.
It takes leadership and a bit of focus, but before you know it, you’ll be your credit union’s super hero… transforming attitudes, behavior and ultimately service your credit union experiences.

>YES isn’t going, it’s GROWING

Posted by on Wednesday, 2 September, 2009


It’s usually about this time of year when plans for the CUNA YES Summit: Serving 18-to-30s were hitting the home stretch. This year, we’re doing something a little different.

Those who attended the 2008 CUNA YES Summit in Tampa will remember that Courtney, Christopher, and I announced YES would change for 2009 to make sure CUNA better serves the needs of credit unions.

So, for 2009, we are combining the YES Summit with two other powerful events–the Reach Out! Conference and the Community Credit Union Conference–to create the CUNA Community Credit Union & Growth Conference.

Why? Given the current economy and that only 15% of eligible members have actually joined a credit union, we want to provide credit unions the power of three events in one to address significant growth opportunities.

How will your credit union better serve emerging markets such as young adults, immigrants, and the underserved in 2010?

Determine the answers for your credit union by attending this year’s CUNA Community Credit Union & Growth Conference from October 21-24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ok, so what is it? The CUNA Community Credit Union & Growth Conference is for all credit unions that want to better attract and serve emerging markets.Go to to learn more and register today.

Join your colleagues to:

  • Explore growing members one deposit at a time with Lois Kitsch, National Credit Union Foundation;
  • Understand how young board members and directors impact credit unions from Ben Rogers, Filene Research Institute;
  • Examine community credit union best practices;
  • Learn how to reach out to the largest, fastest-growing, youngest, and most under served population with Warren Morrow of Coopera Consulting.

Where does the YES CU Blog fit in? Just like with the YES Summit, we want to start the conversation early by posting about topics and discussing issues addressed at the CUNA Community Credit Union & Growth Conference. Staying on top of these issues and learning more about them at the Conference will increase the impact of the event. It’s also a great way to keep the conversation going and share resources before, during, and after the event.

So, the YES CU Blog lives on and broadens it’s focus.

Oh, and one other cool thing! Check out CURevolution on Twitter. If you participate on Twitter via CURevolution you’ll receive a discount on your CCUC&G registration fee. Learn more here.

And don’t forget to follow the YES CU Blog’s Twitter feed as well!