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CUNA Announces the 2012 CUNA Business Lending Certification Institutes in Madison, WI

Posted by on Wednesday, 15 February, 2012

MADISON, Wis. (February 14, 2012) –Registration and school information is now available for the upcoming CUNA Business Lending Certification Institutes, July 16-20, 2012 in Madison, WI.  For more information and to register, visit

The CUNA Business Lending Certification Institutes is designed to provide a practical education on business lending and, via expert-led sessions, address real-life business scenarios. Presented in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business, Executive Education, Small Business Development Center, the CUNA Business Lending Certification Institutes are offered in three parts:

  1. Fundamentals
    Provides a solid foundation for business awareness and develops an understanding of the components involved in business lending services.
  2. Credit Analysis
    Addresses the challenges business members face in making debt service payments and meeting other financial responsibilities.
  3. Advanced Credit Analysis
    Provides hands-on experience with credit analysis.

“This program offers training and resources to help credit unions achieve a strong and sustainable member business lending program. Not only does it help them grow their member base, but it strengthens their presence in the community,” said Courtney Cantwell, Manager of Instructional Design at CUNA.

For more information about the CUNA Business Lending Certification Institutes and to register, visit

CUNA Announces the 2012 CUNA Certified Financial Counselor Schools in Austin, TX

Posted by on Tuesday, 14 February, 2012

MADISON, Wis. (February 14, 2014) –Registration and school information is now available for the upcoming 2012 CUNA Certified Financial Counselor Schools, June 11-14, 2012 in Austin, TX.  For more information and to register, visit

The CUNA Certified Financial Counselor Schools offers credit union counseling professionals the opportunity to hear financial counseling experts share their insight into the latest theories and practices of financial counseling. Through live sessions and face-to-face discussions, attendees will develop the skills and confidence they need to help their members through the range of financial situations they may face.

The CUNA Certified Financial Counselor Schools are offered in three parts:

Part 2 will discuss prevention strategies that will keep members out of debt and troubling financial situations. Attendees will learn how to help their members understand the underlying causes of their financial difficulties and give them the knowledge they need to monitor their expenses effectively.

  • CUNA Certified Financial Counselor School: Update
    The update session will survey the current practices and theories of financial counseling. Hear from the leaders in financial counseling and stay up-to-date with the latest counseling techniques and practices that will help you help your members reach their financial goals.

Offered as part of the CUNA Certified Financial Counselor Schools, credits and on-site examinations are provided for those wishing to earn their Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC) certification. Recertification of the CCUFC certification is also available as part of the CUNA Certified Financial Counselor School: Update.

For more information about the CUNA Certified Financial Counselor Schools, the Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC) certification and to register, visit

CUNA Announces 2012 Schools and Conferences Lineup

Posted by on Monday, 9 January, 2012

MADISON, Wis. (January 9, 2012) –CUNA hosts educational events that cover every aspect of the credit union movement. The 2012 suite of CUNA events ranges from large signature events that draw thousands of credit union professionals each year to smaller, more topic-specific conferences. Dates, locations, speakers and additional information can be found at

Every year, CUNA schools and conferences provide credit union professionals around the country with updates on pressing industry topics and regulations. From compliance and collections to marketing departments and board volunteers, the 2012 CUNA schools and conferences offer credit union specific education for every position. Programs are designed to showcase leading experts in their field and provide attendees with take away strategies to use at their credit unions to boost membership, streamline efficiency and strengthen their business and financial institution as a whole. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with other credit union professionals from around the country.

Many 2012 CUNA conferences also offer opportunities for educational advancement such as CPE credits, certifications, designations, graduate degrees and awards for credit union excellence. These titles are recognized throughout the credit union movement as distinctions for both job competence and career professionalism.

Get a sneak peak at a few of the upcoming CUNA spring conferences:

CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference
March 18-22 • Washington D.C.

CUNA Consumer & Residential Mortgage Lending School
April 2-5 • Orlando, FL

CUNA CU Finance for Non-Financial Managers & Volunteers
April 22-25 • Orlando, FL

CUNA Regulatory Compliance Schools
April 22-27 • Orlando, FL

CUNA Marketing Management Schools
April 30 – May 3 • Las Vegas, NV

View a complete listing of the 2012 CUNA Schools and Conferences and learn more about the educational opportunities available from CUNA.

CUNA Volunteer Certification School Graduates Announced

Posted by on Wednesday, 4 January, 2012

MADISON, Wis. (January 3, 2012) –CUNA is proud to announce the latest graduates of the 2011 CUNA Volunteer Certification School. Held this past September in Tempe, Arizona, 46 credit union volunteers completed five days of lectures, overviews and testing to earn both their Certified Credit Union Volunteer (CCUV) designation and CUNA Board Financial Literacy Certificate.

The CUNA Volunteer Certification School was created to provide credit union volunteers with convenient, practical education in all areas of credit union operations through live lectures, discussions and testing. The program creates a simplified approach to complex subjects and gets credit union volunteers up-to-speed on the information they need to know to serve their credit unions most effectively.

“I would like to congratulate the 2011 Volunteer Certification School graduates for the dedication they have shown in advancing their education,” said Kevin Smith, Director of Volunteer Education at CUNA. “Volunteers who actively engage in the credit union movement improve the operations at each of their individual credit unions, and help set the bar for board education standards.”

The Certified Credit Union Volunteer (CCUV) designation symbolizes a thorough understanding of all areas and operations of the credit union. The CCUV designation can be earned by graduating from the CUNA Volunteer Certification School or completing theCUNA Volunteer Certification Program, a self-study education tool that features online learning modules. In 2012, volunteers interested in obtaining their Certified Credit Union Volunteer (CCUV) designation, can choose between the traditional classroom setting at the CUNA Volunteer Certification School, or engage in a variety of self-study training options.

The 2012 CUNA Volunteer Certification School will be held from September 23 – 28 in Long Beach, California. Additional speakers and session topics will be announced when information becomes available. Visit for future updates.

More information about the designation can be found at

CUNA Announces Upgrade of CPDOnline

Posted by on Tuesday, 29 November, 2011

MADISON, Wis. (November 21, 2011) - CUNA announced today that CUNA CPDOnline has launched its upgraded learning management system and website. Working closely with current users, CUNA CPDOnline has enhanced the user experience to provide an even more user-centric, impactful online learning environment. 

“With invaluable input from our users, we have enhanced the CPDOnline training system to better serve credit unions’ needs today and in the future. We are grateful to our pilot credit unions and confident our current and new users will benefit from the new platform,” said Todd Spiczenski, vice president of Center for Professional Development.

“We are excited for the upgrade to roll out at Summit,” remarked Kimberly Frederickson, AVP of Learning & Development at Summit Credit Union, a recent winner of the American Society of Training & Development’s BEST Award.  Summit was recognized for its training and development program, which utilizes CUNA’s CPDOnline as a key component.

Serving nearly 30,000 credit union professionals, CUNA CPDOnline is the premiere web-based training service that provides more than 350 credit union-specific courses on topics including lending, member services, compliance and more. Its interactive online environment combines the freedom of independent education with the support and collaboration of a classroom setting.

The key enhancements to CUNA CPDOnline include:

  • Enhanced navigation: With streamlined navigation and a clean look, users will find it easier to access exactly what they need and get relevant news.
  • Improved communications: Now users can easily send notifications to groups via email with CUNA CPDOnline’s new message center. Plus, with the new collaboration center, users can also engage in conversation, blend learning and post documents for better collaborative learning.
  • Extended reporting capabilities: CUNA CPDOnline’s new self-reported training function allows learners and managers to post to transcripts and include goals and additional training. Managers can also monitor the progress of their direct reports, keeping track of activities and assignments and follow on-the-job training. All of this can be done via new scheduled or on demand reporting.
  • More administrative options: Administrators can easily assign activities and assignments, including deadlines and reminder notifications. Users also have the capability to assign CUNA and credit union courses and control new notifications.

For more information about the upgrade to CUNA CPDOnline, visit For questions, please call 800-356-9655, ext. 4072 or e-mail

795 Credit Union Directors Earn CUNA Board Financial Literacy Certificate in 2011

Posted by on Wednesday, 9 November, 2011

Madison, WI (November 9, 2011) – CUNA is proud to announce that 795 credit union directors and board members, from 257 credit unions, have earned their CUNA Board Financial Literacy Certificate in 2011.  This certificate was created by CUNA as an effort to help credit union board members stay compliant with the new NCUA requirements and keep abreast of the latest regulatory changes. 

The certificate will continue to be offered in 2012 and can be earned after successfully completing exams associated with one of the following four tracks:

  1. Attend either the CUNA CU Finance for Non-Financial Managers & Volunteers School this April 22-25, 2012 in Orlando, FL or the CUNA Volunteer Certification School September 23-28, 2012 in Long Beach, CA.
  2. Attend the CUNA CU Finance for Non-Financial Managers & Volunteers eSchool beginning May 8, 2012.
  3. Complete six self-study CUNA Volunteer Achievement Program (VAP) courses including: Financial Reports for Volunteers, Managing Risk for Volunteers, Financial Management, Asset-Liability Management for Directors, The Basics of Risk Assessment for Volunteers, and Understanding Audit Reports.
  4. Book an in-house training session.

After completing the designated track, applicants must pass the appropriate assessment(s) to earn the CUNA Board Financial Literacy Certificate.

As a result of an increasingly more complex financial industry landscape, new NCUA requirements were issued in order to ensure that federal credit union directors had a sufficient working knowledge of their credit union’s financials. The NCUA now requires directors to comply with educational benchmarks that confirm they have at least a working familiarity with the basic finance and accounting practices of their credit union.

For more information on the new NCUA regulations or certification visit

CUNA Re-Releases Popular Training Bundle

Posted by on Tuesday, 27 September, 2011


MADISON, Wis. (September 26, 2011) – CUNA announced today that it would offer credits unions another opportunity to receive its unlimited audio conference, webinar and eSchool training through one cost-saving bundle.  Thousands of credit unions trust CUNA each year to lay the foundation of their training programs.

The offer is part of CUNA’s commitment to help credit unions provide excellent staff training on the latest updates and regulations in the financial world at a price they can afford.  Credit unions can purchase CUNA Training Bundle from now until January 15, 2012.

CUNA Training Bundle offers participating credit unions unlimited access to hundreds of audio conferences, webinars, eSchools and recordings of these events.  With highly rated content, CUNA Training Bundle features professional, in-depth training on topics such as: compliance, marketing, lending, finance, human resources, training, security, operations, volunteer topics and a variety of other credit union specific topics.  Participating credit unions realize significant savings versus ala carte purchasing.  CUNA offers two packages:  six month for $2,499 or one year for $3,999.  Discounted pricing is available for CUNA CPDOnline members and small credit unions with less than $20 million in assets.

“We hear from our credit union members that when times are financially tight, training budgets get severely reduced.  It can be a tremendous challenge to keep employees motivated and up-to-date on regulations and skills without good training tools,” said Marlo Foltz, director of blended learning at CUNA.  “Our CUNA Training Bundle allows credit unions to keep quality training a priority at an affordable price.”

For more information, visit  For questions, call 800-356-9655, ext. 4249 or e-mail


Headline Speakers Announced by CUNA for Upcoming Experience Learning Live! Conference

Posted by on Monday, 26 September, 2011


MADISON, Wis. (September 22, 2011) – CUNA’s Experience Learning Live! Conference announced today its final speaker lineup.  Experience Learning Live!, which will take place October 16-19 in Las Vegas, is a supercharged environment designed to provide training professionals hands on experience they can use to motivate staff and jumpstart credit unions.  This year’s conference features training leaders at the forefront of innovations to maximize staff energy, motivate the dedication of credit union volunteers and increase the knowledge level of credit union members.

Keynote Speakers:

Becky Pike Pluth – 101 Movie Clips That Teach & Train

Becky will utilize movie clips to spice up training programs.  She’ll demonstrate how effective movie scenes can help grab classroom interest immediately and discover how to follow the clips with questions that garner solid discussion and teach topics in a memorable way.

Jon Aleckson – Mind Meld: Micro Collaboration – Collaboration Between Designers & Subject Matter Experts

Jon has logged more than 30 years of leadership experience in the educational media industry.  His presentation will focus on ways to engage subject matter experts in training project through techniques to “mindmeld” and share expertise.

Juli Lynch – Pushing the Limits on What You Know & Do

Juli will tie how success in today’s market requires that people – and their training departments – push themselves to the limit.  She’ll talk about how leadership lessons gained during training with Navy SEALS in expedition-length endurance races can apply to training departments and credit unions as a whole.  Juli will work with the issues and challenges that credit union staff from reaching their potential and demonstrate how to push credit unions to increase sales, improve service and boost performance while still keeping motivation and commitment levels high above the competition.

Lance Dublin – The New “Blended” Learning

Lance will share highlights from his interviews with 25 learning leaders and organizations for the Chief Learning Officer Magazine.  He’ll discuss how these leaders define what blended learning was and what it is today.  Lance will present a guided tour filled with specific examples that are working and detail lessons learned from those that are not.  His session will explain what blended learning design is and how to evaluate what will work best for credit unions.

Robert Richman – How Can Training Revolutionize Your Organization?

Rob will unravel the secrets behind the Zappos phenomenon.  From Zappos Insights, their corporate learning center, he will share what they are doing right and how to bring a little Zappos back to credit unions.

Tom Kuhlmann – Design Good Courses With the Resources at Hand

Author of the widely popular “Rapid e-Learning Blog,” this “rock star of e-learning” receives hundreds of questions from readers who are on a limited budget.  They want to know about free tools that they can use to build their e-learning courses.   A self-proclaimed “junky” for all of the free stuff online, he will share his best finds and the latest technology.  His hands-on lab will give attendees new ideas, techniques, tactics and strategies to use right away to build better courses.

For more information on CUNA’s 2011 Experience Learning Live!, visit For questions, call 800-356-9655, ext. 4249 or e-mail


Building a Young Professional Cooperative Community

Posted by on Monday, 12 September, 2011

Brent Dixon

From Brent Dixon:

The cooperative movement has a problem with aging. Average age of cooperative members and employees is over a decade older than the average age of people in the US and in Canada.

We feel this pain in the credit union industry. The average age of a credit union member is 47, and 75% of credit union board members are over 50.

Because of economic, technological, and cultural changes, financial services – and many other business sectors – have hit what the smart folks at McKinsey & Company call a “Structural Break,” which is:  “…the moment in time- series data when trends and the patterns of associations among variables change.” (via)

What does that mean? It means things have changed and we cannot continue to do things the way they’ve always be done.

If you went to business school you remember the chart that appears with this post on the life-cycle of an industry.

All signs point to credit unions, and many of our cooperative brethren, being right smack on X. This means we can go one of two ways, and have to fight for the future of a model we know is better for our communities. And if we don’t inject new blood, new energy, and new ways of solving problems into our cooperatives, they will die.

We need to recruit and invest in young talent.

At the Filene Research Institute, a think-and-do-tank for credit unions, we learned that the top reasons young people work for credit unions include:

•   The opportunities to influence strategy immediately

•   The opportunity to work with and learn from top leadership from day one

•   The opportunity to help their community

In talking with young people across credit unions, we also learned that because young credit union employees are somewhat rare, many of them feel like an island while at work. They were starved for ways to connect with other like-minded people their age.

Ed Filene, father of the U.S. credit union movement, once said, “Youth is too serious to become obedient.”

That in mind, a group of young credit union people, myself included, decided to take the problem into our own hands. Through a series of small grassroots meet-ups that spun wonderfully out of control, we’ve nurtured and grown The Crash Network, a growing community of close to 200 young credit union professionals. The community is designed to enable:

•   Ongoing connections and support from like-minded people through an online network at

•   Opportunities for professional growth and development through action (One example is: The Collider, an innovation tournament designed to improve the problem of affordable housing).

•   Mentorships with seasoned industry veterans.

A year and a half in and we’ve initiated countless development projects, sparked spin-off youth development organizations across the U.S, piloted a mentorship program, and given a voice to a growing number of young credit union employees who are ready to step up, get their hands dirty, and create the future themselves.  You can watch a short video on some of the voices of The Crash Network here.

We have a lot to learn, and can’t wait for what’s next.

Brent Dixon, Young Adult Advisor for the Filene Research Institute, will be presenting on building a younger cooperative at the upcoming CUNA Community Credit Union & Growth Conference.  This post was originally published for the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA).

Big Time Thursday: The ACUC in Texas! (Contest)

Posted by on Thursday, 24 March, 2011

Improv Everywhere Founder Charlie Todd

What do you get when you hold an America’s Credit Union Conference & Expo (ACUC) planning session after watching Improv Everywhere’s I Love Lunch! The Musical? If you’re me, you get this crazy idea to hold a random musical at the Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC).   That’s right, we’re so excited about ACUC we decided to sing about it at this year’s GAC.  OK, full disclosure, we actually were so excited we hired actors to sing about it (nobody wants to hear me sing), and enlisted some friends from the CUNA Councils to help as well.    That’s right, exhibit hall attendees were surprised by this CUNA ACUC 2011 Random Musical. (Warning: Once you watch this you’ll likely be humming the tune all afternoon!)

Are there ways credit unions can use things like random musicals and flash mobs to stand out in a crowded market?  With the right plan up front and strategy to help it go viral, there are certainly ways these can compliment your traditional promotions.  Join us at ACUC to hear Improv Everywhere (the group behind the I Love Lunch! Musical)  founder Charlie Todd present a thought leader session sharing details behind some of his group’s biggest pranks and what credit unions can learn from using those kinds of tactics.

Already have a video you’re trying to spread the word on?  I recently spoke with Michael Taylor of PLAY Creative, the marketing agency who worked with the Nebraska Credit Union League on their recent CU Awareness Campaign.  Here are some simple ways Taylor suggests to help spread the word about your video:

  • Post the video link on Facebook fan pages of other groups your audience would likely be interested in
  • Share the link on Twitter and ASK people to share with their friends and comment on the site where you’re hosting the video. Asking people on Twitter versus just sharing a link can help you get more people to actually pass the link on.
  • Reach out to like-minded blogs and ask them to post a story about your viral project.  Make sure to include an answer to the question “What’s in it for their readers?”
  • Tag the video correctly on YouTube.  This is key for people searching on YouTube.  Having good tags also helps bring the video up in Google searches.
  • Send a plain old e-mail to friends and family.  This can help spread the word in the early going. In turn, they will also likely share with their friends and family.

BIG TIME Thursday CONTEST: We want to know, what are some of the BIG TIME things your credit union is doing or planning to do to stand out from the competition? Answer that question in a comment below and we’ll do a random drawing on March 31st (just in time to kick off our next Big Time Thursday contest) of all commenters to give away an Apple iPod® nano 8 GB (6th Generation) and a copy of Charlie Todd’s book Causing a Scene: Extraordinary Pranks in Ordinary Places with Improv Everywhere.

Read more about BIG TIME Thursday Contests (there will be lots of great prizes through May 2011).

UPDATE (3/31): This contest has ended – congratulations to our winner, Cheryl Hart, who won an Apple iPod® nano 8 GB (6th Generation) and a copy of Charlie Todd’s book Causing a Scene: Extraordinary Pranks in Ordinary Places with Improv Everywhere.  THANKS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!

CONTEST DETAILS: Contest begins today and ends on Wed., March 30th at 11:59PM (ct). No purchase necessary to win.  Make sure you leave an email address where you can be contacted.  The winner will be notified via e-mail and will also be announced on the blog.  Multiple comments are allowed as long as you have a valid idea in each comment. (No duplicate comments) The odds of winning depend on the number of entrants received.  Void where prohibited.
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